Elements supports the concept of multitenancy, which is the ability to host multiple separate and independent apps from a single shared database of users. This allows you to publish multiple apps while all users may enjoy a shared inventory of digital goods and account logins.

Each Application is the nexus for all subordinate configurations. It is even possible to support multiple independent iOS/Google Play Application IDs under one Application within elements. It is important to note that for each Application, the following restrictions apply:

  1. There is one and only one repository of script code for executing cloud functions.
  2. There is one and only one endpoint for CDN support.
  3. A single Application may not host the same Google Play, iOS, or other unique application identifier.

Application Configurations

Application configurations add support for features such as Facebook SSO, Firebase push notifications, and Android and iOS IAPs. Application configurations are created and configured from inside the Application editor in the console.

You can see details on Application Configurations and how to set them up in Application Configurations.