Progress and Missions

Missions are structured tasks through which your users can progress. A user's mission status is tracked in the user's progress.

Common use cases for missions are a game's level structure, or a game's achievements. Missions also allow for the user to earn rewards when steps are completed. You can read more about how missions are structured in the Missions configuration documentation.

Missions serve as the definitions. When a user begins his first mission, a copy of that mission definition is made in the progress attached to that user's profile for that application. The progress will then record the user's step completion, as well as rewards issued for step completion.

A limitation of the current system is that when a mission definition is copied to the progress, it is locked in the state it was defined at that time. So, if developers modify that mission, existing users who have started that mission won't see the changes, only users who have not yet started the mission will.

This section will guide you on how to interact with the progress and missions APIs.