A profile stores a user's data pertaining to a single application. A user may have multiple profiles associated with it. See Users and Profiles for more info.

Profile Structure

Note that some of these fields will not be visible or editable in the web console, but can be seen when accessing the database directly.

  • _id: This is the unique id for this profile, generated on its creation.
  • application: This is the unique id of the application associated with the profile.
  • user: This is the unique id of the user associated with the profile.
  • displayName: This is the display name of the profile. This can be used for example as the user's display name for the associated application.
  • imageUrl: This is the URL to the profile image for this profile.
  • lastLogin: Shows the last time the user logged in to this profile.
  • metadata: Metadata is optional. It can be any number of named strings or integers. This can have many uses, for example storing what items the user has equipped, or recording the user's level or experience.

Managing Profiles Using the Console

Profiles can be added, edited, or deleted from the admin console in the Profiles section, accessible from the top nav bar or the hamburger menu.

Since Profiles must be connected to a user, when making a new profile you can use the "Select User" button to find the user that will own this profile. If you are editing an existing profile, you can use the "Edit User" button to open the Edit User panel for that user. Existing profiles cannot be reassigned to another user.

When creating a new profile, you must also select an Application. A dropdown menu will open with the available applications. If editing an existing profile, the Application may not be changed.

Profile Editor

Editing Profile Metadata

Profile metadata is edited identically to how item metadata is edited. See Editing Item Metadata.

JSON Structure of Profile

This is a sample profile represented in JSON.

    "_id" : ObjectId("5cdb92e7e96c3c4f2b01106f"),
    "active" : true,
    "application" : {
        "$ref" : "application",
        "$id" : ObjectId("5cdb1088e96c3c4f2bfe1da7")
    "user" : {
        "$ref" : "user",
        "$id" : ObjectId("5cdb92e5e96c3c4f2b0107ca")
    "imageUrl" : "url/to/image",
    "displayName" : "DisplayName",
    "lastLogin" : ISODate("2019-05-15T04:17:47.127Z"),
    "metadata" : {
        "metadata_string" : "string"
        "metadata_int" : 1