Using the Web Console

In the following pages you will learn the basics of the web console, used to configure and manage data in your Elements instance. We'll also take the opportunity to review the different data types in Elements as we go.

Logging into the Web Console

Elements is configured via the web admin console. If you're running a local instance, you can navigate to your admin console here: http://localhost:8080/admin

If you're running Elements elsewhere, simply go to https://URLHERE/admin.

First Time Setup

The first time that your containers are created, there will be no Users in the database. To be able to access the web admin console, you'll need to log with an account with SUPERUSER priveliges.

Local Deployment

To create a User without logging in, we have provided a simple tool. First, make sure your containers are running. Then, on the command line, navigate to the root folder of the docker-distribution repository, and launch the script.

Once launched, typing "help" should give you the following options:

Supported commands are:

Since we are adding a new user here, let's look at the options for add-user:

Option                Description                         
------                -----------                         
--email               The user's email Address.  (ex.         
--level <User$Level>  The user level one of: UNPRIVILEGEDUSERSUPERUSER         
--password            The user's password.  If unset this will prompt for a value.          
--strict [Boolean]    Flag to toggle strict mode.  Default true.                             
--user                The user's login/username.  (ex. bobsmith)  

With these options, we can create our admin account, for example:

add-user --user=username --password=password --level=SUPERUSER

After this command has run, you should be all set to log into the admin panel with your newly created credentials.

Remote Deployment

The same script can be used, however the target url needs to be changed from elements@localhost to elements@\

Basics of Usage

The UI of the web console is easy and intuitive to use. As you dig into the sections of this manual that follow, you'll learn to use each basic editor and what each property does within Elements.